Imagine sending your firstborn off to fight in a war, who is to choose

To fight regardless of whether you win or whether you lose, succumb

Sacrifice of life, is that the reason we have a life, to strive and run

Faster, to do some thing because you can, should we kneel before God?

Or is that the opposite of having a will to live, backward thinking

To be dependent on an entity in the shortest of time, life is mine.

Earth is precious, and responsibility falls on human to maintain

Is that the reason? just to care for and raise the next generation

Or is it some thing else we should be aiming toward, are we not forward

Aliens would not fail to be impressed by the creation of the human mind

Monuments scatter the earth as relics of all mankind, pyramids, serve

Surely there is more than to serve, re evaluate and analyse your worth

There are no boundaries the mind cant fathom, did we not split the atom

Adam and Eve, eating from a tree, please, how can this truly be, us

In fact just reaching out for an invisible hand to hold when the road is dark

Takes away from the essence of the human heart, we strive, overcome

Stand and conclude, fun, inventions, wisdoms, puzzles and question

We are no less than. So who do soldiers fight for when engaged in wars?

The family as a way to make a living, killing, more money more money

Funny to me that all over the world there are Gods to bow down to

When the God of war meets the God of love who will they bow down to

Do Gods have need of such earthly dalliance? I am not seeing any balance

I can make out a crooked line that fades away when my energy shines

To this day I am still blind to the will of mankind, destruction is obvious

To me though that is nowhere near enough, make love. Question. More.


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