Since around xmas time the mother of my kids has virtually been living at mine. That is not a problem for me as she is a mate and unlike most people she does not get on my nerves. Recently, about a month ago I had to change things up a bit, reason eing that although I am capable of looking after me I cannot look after her. As I have been having a smoke as usual she has been getting involved and ended up with a worse problem than she had on the alcohol. Which I might add, she has not been using while at mine. The thing is that I have a script for gear so when I am high off crack I may get the odd bag to come down. Not a problem, next day I take my subby as normal and I am fine. She thinks she can do the same but has no script so before you know it she has a gear and stone habit. I recognise too late and ask her to go back to her flatt but not wanting to b alone she asks her ex to come back and now she is back on the beer. My daughter calls to say she is at the hospital with her mum. She loves her mum and wants to help but I don’t think it is fair on her. Her mum has four sisters who should help or even the fuck up at her flat who is constantly buying her the alcohol could help. He is a sick individual who will do anything to keep her with him including keeping her drunk. Mind you that is close to what I was doing but not intentionally to keep her with me. I was too greedy to recognise what was happening so long as I was getting stone. Now more people get hurt and it is a mess. I told my daughter to ring me when she is leaving hospital and I will walk up to meet her, I also told her to bring her mum and I will stop any smoking going on while she is here. Knowing her mum she will want to go back to her flat but I can only offer. I will see what happens. Had to get it off my chest. OUT


  1. that’s heavy. I remember going through those situations and emotions years ago and I am so grateful I don’t have those problems today. Beautiful way to get it off of your chest in a healthy way…sending positive energy and strength your way! Cheers 🙂

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