Do you know the amount of people that cant be on their own bruv. I know one girl that will not stay in her flat alone unless she has “aids” to assist her. I just done talking to a guy. He is back buying crack. He works every day till seven, you would think all he needed was a dinner and a lazy evening but that loneliness is used as an excuse to get crack. The boredom, I have been  using it for so long that I cope differently, for one I live alone, without a partner. Got a flat, I said to him that he should use the time to learn himself. I went through a phase, until I was the lone parent I used to sleep with two women a night. Sleeping alone was not for me, so when I had two kids in bed and I sat downstairs alone, I suffered from depression. Eventually I became used to being alone until nowadays when I choose to stay alone. I understand me so much better than I used to. I love who I am, where I am, and my situation with two children about, I still do my own thing, while getting along with people of all ages. I have talks with gangsters to old neighbours to young homies, I am friendly with every one. At the moment I am unaware of having any enemies but I don’t hurt any one. Try and find a time in the day when you can get comfortable and in a comfortable place just breathe slowly and deeply and try and let all thoughts drift away and stay silent for twenty minutes. You should discover a new kind of knowing yourself. Our minds are so well conceived that nothing is impossible, put your mind to some thing and there is no knowing how far we can push. There is a small cone shaped organ in our brains called the pineal, the government put fluoride in our water which then calcifies the pineal gland rendering it unable to function. It is responsible for helping to understand  the journey from plane to plane. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself can open a whole new chapter in our lives. Good fortune.

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