In yourself believe, desires hopes and worries that you carry on your shoulders

Can sway and guide and ultimately lead, the direction of the living being.

Use your mind in positive perception, overcome negative affliction, be at peace

Concentrate, let the world move with ease, while you find your place to be.

Try not to let the carnal mind off leash, use your ability to tame the inner beast.

Reacting to the negative vibes with negativity, downward spirals pulled by gravity

Can leave you drowning visibly, when you don’t even have to be, control.

In the mind, roll, bob and weave and flow, rhythm of life is yours to know.

Explore why your thoughts take you where they do, without letting them define you.

Easier said than done yet being in control is part of the fun, of living life on earth.

The body formed first, your mind grew as you turned, day after month after year.

Never live in fear of the things you cant control, it is not good for your soul.

Happy is the best place to be so for you my only family I urge you to release

The pain inside that all can see, shake it off and let yourself be free.

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