I have never known a time when I wasn’t just a little bit wayward, failed love.

I have never known a time when I wasn’t just a little bit  fucked up, as a kid

It used to bother me so much, years later nothings changed instead now I say so what.

So what if I haven’t got a car on my drive, I walk very well, see my chest swell with pride.

To you I am nothing but you have not a clue as to what I worth from the inside.

James Comey is a big fat liar, former FBI director got his pants on fire, gets fired

He should have prosecuted Hillary for her email security classification, disgrace to the nation, thought that she was gonna be the next president so let her have a pass.

No class, lying, backstabbing, democratic puppet, is this what FBI stands for, lookit.

The world is at war and most of it is fought in the media, propaganda ratings

Trump seems to be the man with the magic touch despite the media beatings

Secret meetings, human trafficking seeking, warrants in numbers never heard of,

The media wont tell of the good things that he does, disgusts, journalists extinct.

Even the workers that appear on TV in media are told what to think. Then say

Nowadays it is the way. Reminds me of a fascist state, total propaganda

If I chat nonsense I call it banter, if I use your name you can call it slander.

Every one wants to tell their version in a book, Hillary when she came unstuck.

Comey to try and get himself off the hook, problem is too late they are all fucked.

Too many wrongs will never be put right, they are eating each other as they try to survive.

Some have already died, people trying hard to get the truth out of Haiti, blind.

We are all going to find out the truth with Donald Trump at the helm, new realm.

I am not a republican, mixed race so I don’t support Trump, worse is what is wrong.

Things going on that are just wrong. Sanders being robbed, Seth Rich murdered

Insane money in the pay to play, fusion one, Hillarys prints all over the gun, done.

Clinton Foundation illegal transactions in Haiti, Laura Silsby caught robbing babies.

Children under the previous regime were in total danger, baby in a manger, remember.

Dems trying to change the future, attacking Christians, some one must have infiltrated.

What they say about Trump is that he is rascist, don’t know if he is but I know they are,

Done nothing so far, under eight years under Obama, a wanker working for the bankers.

Did not a jot for his own people, even though he had a sequel, four more years and nothing.

Evidence is frightening, nothing ever done, never do the right thing, Spike Lee.



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