Starbucks then the golf course use racism to get rid of undesirables, blacks

Maintain order, sounds fascist. Just get rid and be passive, defend racist.

Apologise to activists, LGBT, BLM, socialists, life is full of terrorists

Chicago gangs, east and west, bullets fly, whose got the vests, police

On street, equipped like a private army, ask yourself who is the enemy

Bill Gates defends Montsanto, vaccines help the youngsters  grow

I think not, we are all robots, hypnotised, for an evil plot, no tin hat

On my head, conspiracy theories lay in bed, FEMA a new member

How many agencies and what are they really for, we already have police

Georgia capstones, don’t further peace, in fact they want the opposite

Cull billions of people is the basic gist of it, then on to Denver airport

This blows my mind, follow my train of thought, Muriel’s of earth, diseased

Gas masked soldiers are at ease, long blade aimed at the dove of peace

Please. Don’t just look up, to the south and east, diverse cultures

Live in peace. Not all culture destroy trees, and rape the earth for energy.

Some use the earth, and give back to it, a thing of simple natural beauty

A cycle if you notice, open our eyes and truly notice, the way we survive

Nowadays, says, there is no way to sustain it, the earth is almost naked

Pray with. Animals extinct, is this the world we leave, stop and truly think

Plans are formed calculated for twenty odd years in advance, truth is,

We don’t stand a chance. The world is heading the way it is we are in a trance

I think it was a programme slipped to our kids using facebook, crazy? Look

Now we find they were using our data, obvious to me, talk about that later.

So many faces stuck in phones, on the bus, when I go home, creepy

Zombie nation is an exaggeration but come on its an abomination

No one sees it, just me, but I do have my own theory, to whats happening

The states is now under fascist regime in hiding, not only that but

They have a surprise coming for us minions, and we stroll along

As if we are on a beach of golden sand, loved one holding hands.

Dance. Just let me say this, give the one you love a kiss. Not for anything

Just for the kiss







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