We live by our own standard, continually moving forward,

Here we go again, some follow familiar trends, some get abuse

Nothing new to those of us that use, in the end we all choose.

Slavery in my history allows for my tormented theology

Not helping to be an OG, this is serious, nothing is clear to us

Know your God time to listen and read, many try to deceive

Keep it simple, smile so I can see the dimple, experimental

Ideas and philosophies, choose your temple, gain knowledge

Forage, research, dig deep, grow and find your feet, eventually

Eyes will open, confidence in your words are spoken, awaken

Uplifting, spirits rising, wisdom, woven, inner vision, given

Faith rewarded, now come forward, tell the world, learning

Teach, turning, heads over heels, how does it feel

Control of the masses, break it down, favourite rappers

Who said what, the message in the sub plot, promotes what?

Be you do you, your brain allowed to, roam freely, feel me.



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