Swirling reversing, back around and coming first in, time to start over.

Which way shall I go, to preserve that which is now grown, and knowing.

Nothing. Idea here and there, clever, sensible, nothing is blurred, unassured

Unsure,  I mean this is like the line of a cheese wire, fine and dangerous

Curious since when, reading since three, right now, questioning sanity, really.

Have I really got freedom of speech, with no recourse, travelling forces

Crazy, signs, warnings, closely, signals war, earth is falling, its there

Am I alone when I see the tragedy of 9/11, Silverstein, banking and murdering

Am I alone, am I wrong or just crazy, how can this be, one country.

Did you know the USA decided in 2000 that they needed a catastrophe

To give their plan a rocket ride to maturity, invade seven in five, in the sand.

Economic collapse is at hand, I am not a mathematician, I listen,

Pray FEMA Camps are not for what I have heard they are intended

I heard that a load of emails exposed peados in the highest levels

I am aware of what I write, not right, remember I write, I am right.

Europe is a powder keg and the media will not show it, whats going on

Seriously am I crazy, people say we will stop it but nothing is happening

Haiti, a country, Haiti, heard on the news about the earthquakes, disaster

Money poured in from around the globe, news showed a war zone, imposter

The Clintons. Stepped in as a kind of Ambassador, I saw the government

On the internet saying they was robbed and cant get media attention

To strip a country without recourse unafraid of any media attention

Should really have us all standing up and paying fucking attention.

Sheep herd into pens, camps are waiting, you used to be friends, done again

I wanna go hard but I wanna stay here, imagine me, fear.


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