In my dream I stood as tall as a house and just as wide, my terrain in compliance.

An eagle flew over my left shoulder and turned upwards  riding invisible gusts.

I rode a giant black stallion in my dream I named him “Aragon” we quested.

Adventure and peril, brave and chivalrous, our years were full, ogres

Wizards, peers, our stories were tall, and heroic, and mostly barbaric.

In fact there was one particular wizard, and one particular barbaric day

When “Aragon” saved me from the ultimate finality of joining my God.

Buildings, majestic palaces, towers, turrets, rock stone crumbled and thundered

Destruction on a scale so violent,  chaos around,, an evil wizard that cared not.

Humanity meant little to this particular wizard, “Bodarde”  he had issues

In other worlds, but don’t be mistaken, he is so vain, its about a girl

He will destroy worlds, to satisfy his ego, he was only going to fall, Aragon.

Although equal physically, Bodarde had magic on me, and wisdom I was young.

Trusty steed Aragon, at the rescue, I was nearly done for, days we fought, 24

The magic was gaining an edge, I would not budge, deadlocked, I weakened

I saw the smirk on the side of his lips, silently I cursed him. Then I heard him,

I dropped to my side and swerved him, oncoming I know his nature

Bodarde was too late and I cleaned my blade as his head flew, I knew

That was the end for Bodarde no more lives, he had plenty, back then

This is for my friend and mare “Aragon” Together strong, I changed my dream

Scoring goals for my favourite team.

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