Mechanical operational, commander in chief, begin to plan the strategy professionally.

Each mission although the same is different, an edge, an air, excitement, flavoured.

Irrational, still the pull, the white hard texture, so typical, absurd addict fickle.

The urge commands from deep inside, the brain the mind, the suicide, plied.

Selfishly, my want ends with me, and starts, cash in hand, stomach ploughed.

Now, how long, how many times with the same old song, still I sing along.

The addict repeats harmonies, of camp fire songs, always another comes along.

Open door, easier to hear a car, what was that sound, energy to get up and down.

Not yet, but soon, five minutes at most, heart beat boasts, rapid rhythm scolds.

Blood rushes to the brain, sends the fool temporarily insane, that’s the game.

What about last time, never again, lost in translation, look and blame, shame.

Nothing gets in the way, car outside, time to play, jump in and make small talk,

Word around town, this one gone down, police attack, the girl wearing brown

Where does her money come from, distant lives discussed like two housewives.

Eventually get out and inside lock up no visitors allowed right now, no entry.

Alone with my dreams ideas run on screens played back in my mental, gentle.

Straighten the foil, empty the rock on the table, touch it up, take a sample.

Onto the foil, a light underneath, tube in my mouth I suck on the vapour.

Ecstasy, from the flavour, straight to my head, prepare my behaviour.

Knowing the amount I can afford wont last long, I find a challenge,

Xbox is out, I don’t have the patience, laptop out write on some pages

Nothing outrageous just words I can play with, keep me focused, onus

On me completely, sweetly my rhymes come time after time, but now I stop

There is no crime. Another hit, fine, time to stop, stone gone, one left, words dry up at best.

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