Shining skies ease passage to your universal temple, wings not scorched risen.

Winding staircase to chambers of milk and honey, lights at all angles as a prism.

Channel your energies wisely, breeze and warmth unite thee, reach your temple.

Immune yourself with not pharmaceutical, universe gives all most natural.

Deeply, uniquely personally wondrous, righteous and kindness, share amongst us.

The divine heart possessed by one and all, serpents twisted will accompany a fall.

Charity freely offered returned uncovered will aid the route to your destiny, blessedly.

Trust the stars as they are, never far, our moon and sun, take heed, be one.

Build your temple soundly, I feel beauty around me, me eyes are not needed to know.

My glow, is for you in your despair, take heart, my world is in my care, my mission.

I walk with my head up and alert, give me your hurt, help me help you listen.

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