Why do haters get so mad, when I appear obviously feeling glad,

Nothing in my pocket but so far from being sad, don’t care bout what I had.

Today is what is true, right here right now, for me and even you.

If you want that beautiful feeling inside of you, not wanting to be blue.

Then take advantage of the universe we inhabit,

Think again on your understanding of what is profit.

Love your neighbour, don’t look up for your saviour

Stories get told don’t let them play ya, lets all be braver.

Together we can change the law, we become more, together

Whether, man or woman, race and creed, don’t believe,

Propaganda,  when they feed, lies through the TV.

Divide and conquer an old plan reconfigured for the age.

Not clever tech never will know the human condition

The universe teaches us when we are little from stars,

All the way to Mars, and running on the blue moon, so cool.

Space in my ears I hear drums and music, use it, never lose it.

Dance to the beat of the earth, work, turn the land over, and over.

Feed the soul, feel the turf, we rule this earth, cherish every birth.

Children hold in the esteem their worth, and unselfishly serve.

Every thing you need the universe breeds and offers all, don’t think small

Need small, still stand tall, lower ambition, lose it all, start then stall.

Give thought, be bought no thank you, never feel blue, its all on you.

And me and him and her and any transgender remember we live together

The universe at the centre, we are meant ta, work together make shit better.

As I walk down the road my mind is clear of concentrating, still what I bring

As I sing, spreading my joy with people I meet that I pass on the street,

Simple as that it is not complicated, where I stay aint gated, man of the world.

Knock on my door, you will never be refused, that is what I am here for, not used.

Helping each other as we grow. Sharing knowledge till we grow, big enough

To make a difference, until then its a wish list, close your eyes and listen to this

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