Contact the living give instruction to avoid misgiving, earth ray still vivid. Anger livid, scared who isn’t, fear tear apart, rip out my heart, eat of my flesh, aggressive, blood run red, smash my limbs, no restraint, no remorse set a course and power forth, stretch limb from limb, burn all of my sin, rip out an eye with excess force, nature alone knows the course and sweeps through trees grass buildings shattered glass. No colour code can save the world from learning, tonight every thing is burning, miraculous, angels cursing. On its head fast reversing, mercilessly, keep on turning, sending cities towns and vermin, to their death no more virgin. Snow and ice, crushing forces, pressurised, giant tortoise. Oil galore iron ore, super gush, what, a rush, all because, death became her, and me and you. Every clue in history points to me in steel and fire, fierce a warrior, painted forever. See stars shown to me by giants, hidden moons, minds compliant, shown zones, in thousands of years still unknown. Disbelief science of faith, what to make, I care not. Micro manage rage untapped, thunder claps, applauds my savage intent, rain hell bent. Rivers rush, strip away earth like sand trickling through a child’s hand. Golden speckles, here there gone and shown, water crashes onward down, washing mountains, smoothing marble, moving boulders, raging torrents, grab a drink head back and gargle.

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