Coffee and cream and George Michael telling his story, this is me on Xmas day night. After eating way too much food today now it is time for me to have a little write. A wonderful day is almost at an end and while I sit here I comprehend, happiness. The children and their mother and myself passed xmas hours to ourselves. When I consider the laughter and the joy we shared together I smile inside feeling better. The previous xmas pasts have not been the best so to have a day like this makes me feel blessed. My girl woke first eager still to rip the paper, open presents cant wait till later, excited happy she brings the fun, the day had begun. the boy surfaced a little later, and ripped his paper. Cheeky bucks fizz, top of the morning to ya, I got a bottle of golden rum that I saved for later. Watching television sat with each other we laughed and enjoyed each others company it to me was special, mum managed to grab a few pictures of them side by side, I joined in and managed to get some too, I cant lie, I wouldn’t. At one thirty the chef adjourned to the kitchen to start the xmas no. one mission. Before I left I made a deal that I would watch Potter at three but they had to watch something with me, we agreed. One of my favs, “Singing In The Rain”, it reminds them of mornings I would wake them singing, “Good Morning” from the film. Everyone enjoyed it as it happens, this does not always happen. One or the other leaves and goes upstairs but today they both stayed it was good. At three we all sat around the table and filled our tums and drank our fill. After dinner we played charades and everyone joined in, what can I say, it was one of those days. Then we got some paper and stuck pieces on our heads and had to guess what was written on our own piece, cant remember the name of the game but the kids were in stitches laughing uncontrollably at something me and mum were doing. We were just bugging like we do, the children were amused, then more booze. I think it was about six when the phones came out and it was phone a friend, I was fucked I wont pretend. They both made a move and both went out, me and their mum grabbed a couch each and passed out. The time was nine when I came around, the mum still slept soundly. Into the kitchen I made xmas pudding and custard for me my daughter back from her mates had sponge and custard, the pots were ignored until just now when I got bored. Now looking back I feel joy, great day great xmas, enjoy it now cos it obviously wont last, happy xmas.

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