Glow, if it is not enough to be known, glow, chin up bum out glow, go for what you know. Walking carefree, moving amongst thoughts of you I need to be talking to you, glow. Throw the shackles in the mud, the sky is much brighter the lighter, and leave them, open another chapter. Straining against a force too great for me, I sigh, and prepare to place my being in between frequencies, my bones carry weakened flesh, spirit world take me now, and through the carbon sky I make my way giving in before I see mountains that are waiting, a flute greets my arrival, warmth of fellow spirit builds sufficiently, peace. I wish peace for all, but it takes all kinds, those destined to advocate earn. Be not disturbed, send energy curb expectation, teach our future generations.  Steady drum beats way away, smoke swirls in the sky, read the message, make fire. Crickets, praying mantis, appetite to denigrate male of any standing, it is a nature, no reasoning, and nature is a part of us all, outdoor humans in boxes, causes lost as, cockroaches we get stepped on, pests to those that renew, stones in time to foretell. If you want to kill the earth well you will, evilly skilled we can only wonder, and gaze on star and moons, blackness turns blue under bright new star, evil rules near and far, no safe places. nowhere to hide. Even lions are no more, alive, hunted like rats by the human conqueror, that insists on taking every thing from soil to sky, my baby lives just to die. How many hurdles litter my path, drugs, and guns, colour code, prospects less, should I care.


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