The love from my WP family keeps me up, I need to write around write around, around here I slowed, planned, took out the complicate, penned the intricate, thread loop. Hey every body bloggers, we are great, we write, we protest, we share, we reveal, and the common denominator, to me, is a good old dollop of old fashioned honesty. Out it brazenly, but whispering to a wall, doesn’t cut it, right, little voices, tiny personalities,  walk amongst giants, and each voice is a voice crying out for a reader, connection, revelation. Appreciation, of each other, like aunties advice, like empathising so much it feels like magnets, stupid oranges, where are you when I need affirmation, opposites. Lazy Sunday afternoons let my mental, gentle, summer winds, evenings, word press ting and tags writing fast scared the thought will pass, cant hold water, through wet fingers. Filling in, telling, teaching, commentating, voice after voice, we all get a try, explaining, shouting, talking, singing, and all things are at your fingertips there is no more I can give. You are my friend and I ask how are you? Good, be good, wink is boiling blood, feud. Conflict conflicted, get out the sand pit, affected, spread across the continents, drone infected, how many truths make it through no abuse, numbers are few, many many, usually, Spartan days, 300 ways, from the back of scientific data, millennium is greater. Too late to, write, bloggers all over the world unite, and write, right and write you know what to right, write on your right and your wrong, smile and go on leave positive particles floating on cells, waiting to be chosen, hidden inside is the truth, time to come out, heard you, joined two, now its out of control, truth in the goal, some may not know.

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