Hang on to your victories as if you might die, home is where the heart is, and the hate is, I might never go home again. Hold onto your principle, social media junkie, flunkey, telling all those lies, do they equal the cries, the pain is when you go home again, never go home again, tell any so called friends and nobody cares you just expose another part of you. Every morning you wake up and the hurt is in your eyes, you turn it on those you love, but the reason is clear to all, hate is in the home gotta fix you again. There is no relationship kids will not despise when the lies are a part of your game. Loneliness is a part of life when you find out who you are, some wont look in the mirror. See no further than the next rainstorm, allow pain to conform, mind over social media, honey, sunshine. Let truth rule the universe relevant to self, singing, warm snuggly days come as quick as a thought, then it drifts away like a cloud on a breezy afternoon.

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