Blue ISIS kills more people than actual terrorists, the blue line works without compassion. No rational explanation for all these so called terror attacks. Divide and conquer whites against blacks, Christians against muslims, occupying nations, taking freedoms. Arms off the streets makes it easier to defeat, every day people, so tricks are played sequel upon sequel, rights vacated in secret, undeniably evil. The take over is real, so many innocents locked up in jails, freedom of speech, youtube and google, aiding the dark state, fooling most of the people, Sandy Hook, Vegas, Texas, stories are feeble. Listen to the official versions and stop to ask questions, it just gets worse and, how many innocent people are they prepared to slaughter, while stripping individual freedom on lies of a crisis, Hillary Clinton the founder of Isis, stole the  vote from Bernie Sanders. The truth of the matter is slowly coming to the surface, indictments are prepared, lets hope the worst is, nearly over, the sad tragedy of innocent lives, the injustice, of police killing at will, something has to change, the truth is outrageous, people are clueless to what is going on all over the states, what about the truth of “pizzagate” and children going missing in every state? Try and reveal the truth and if you keep your life you are called a conspiracy theorist with an axe to grind, but now is the time, to speak out loud, this cant go on if the country is to survive.

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