Alone with my thoughts not an unusual circumstance, staring through a window squeezing my hands. Would be ideal for my mental drifting into the next plane say so long to matters of guilt, love and shame, and how the world and the people are living unequal, when there is enough for all, every kin every creed, a basic need, we are surrounded by greed. I am no politician, nor a mathematic, nor a great novel writer, I am pragmatic and I am no match for Wikipedia, my truth may be altered, not alarmed personally, I am aware of mine own limitations hence I challenge all nations of thinkers, of true folk, of honest well meaning people that truly care for our earth and our species. Look how we treat animals as humans, we are a weak bowed race, everything has a place. Great minds and common sense tells us the earth is a finely balanced wonderful example of wonderment as we walk on the surface taking life for granted. Work to attain the things you are trained, a guide dog would not set you free, you are programmed from three. The earth and the millions of years since creation has arrived perfectly for most of us in every nation on earth, to us all this is now, the earth can change back to how it was, and actually it is up to us. The rapid acceleration of the demise of the earth since industrialisation is a sure fire sign and we are short of serious time. If I could wring my hands while I stare out of my window, train my mind allowing me to let go, free spirit soaring with majestic delicate gentle like snow, these thoughts of activity could be left on  that moment. instead I stand up and own it, fuck it its all just the truth, and no I do not have tons of proof. A few directions I could maybe give, listen to “Stan Monteith” about how we are fighting to live. Government behind government and trained to choose, but that does not matter because the game is already rigged for us to lose. Be not startled, but still be aware, question your time here ask how it would best be served, a waste of time there is nothing worse. Life is magic, so many things we still do not know. To live in these times, 2017 a new millennium, look back on the world and discover where we fit in to the pages of history, we all have a history. Life is a strange and maddening mystery, why am I here, is this all there is? The joys of living falling in love and the feelings when souls eventually give in, to the pain of losing it all how often do we see the King fall? Not often enough and I aint  trying to be tough but will somebody listen before I put my fist in? Christen. Life can be bliss an. Exasperating but enough of the waiting!

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