Saturday was quite a night, and day, stayed in the memory come Monday. Had an unexpected visit from the boy at Liverpool uni, Friday night, home soon will be leaving at nine in the morning, 9pm. Rushed upstairs changed the bedding, opened windows. He asked me to set up the iron in the kitchen, done. Enter my son. He changed and left I hit my bed, well the settee downstairs, my normality, woke about three. To see, him coming from the kitchen like a sneak thief, staying quiet to save me the grief, of waking early. Not a problem clearly, I was pleased to see him and we had a great talk together on Saturday morn, his eyes were red he had come straight from work at his part time job. Now he was slowing up and I manoeuvred him up, wishing him goodnight. Saturday morning,  I woke him up to give his employer due warning, pulling a sick day, he did say, he was leaving at 9am to get to work, no chance,  that wouldn’t work, heavy night.

Eventually went home early afternoon, nice unexpected visit, he is missed but I am with it, his life at university, that really works for me. Makes me a proud so satisfied father. That day I chose weed over stone and had the best day going, the night wasn’t bad either. Sunday and the Japanese GP, Lewis won Seb did not finish the race due to car trouble, double bubble. Twenty five points, the championship is now within touching distance for Lewis and anyone that put money on him winning, if you could see me you’d know I am grinning. Monday after girl left for college I walk to the chemist and notice my nemesis. He left his driver sat in the car outside I wandered over and hey, a surprise, the driver tells me look at this, ten stone in his hand, then he hands it to me, “av it, he left it on the seat” Put it away and asked the deal, seems my sulky nemesis has been giving him grief all day, talking disrespectfully, thinks it comes with paying. The driver will eventually tell him get lost, pride before cost. Me to get a free stone from  a fool with the sulky tone, is the icing on the cake, on Thursday is my birthday so I may have cake, and the start of the week has so far been great

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