The game allowed no time for mellow moments, tension frozen, face stayed closed and, gave no hint of mercy, haters cursed me, naturally, police searched me, continually, shame but that’s the game. Too much bad news running up against other crews. They coming for me as I move I see enemies on every corner, keep it moving cleverly, like a kid in the play ground running and dodging every arm out grabbing, I can go mad and. Let my rage rearrange faces, catch many cases, leave lots of traces, every one know my face is, the one they all want to see behind bars, take away my view of the stars, rot for many moons, lose all my cars. I could let the game take away my street fame, put the blame on my momma, breaking out, early, the judge wont hear me, that’s the truth, he wants to  give me that time, take away my shine, leave my peeps behind, stay behind the door, wont be long before you become just a memory, remember him, light goes dim. Truth is I aint built for losing right now, some way some how I aim to fly, touch the sky, Kanye West on the street i’m one of the best. Cold hard like a diamond from Africa, listen to what I tell ya, it will take more than this game to make me a failure. Inside I got a fire burning, selfish, I been already hurtin’, since a baby aged three I been plagued by misery. It still burns fierce deep and daily don’t try and play me, I don’t need an  excuse, uncouth, uncaring unfeeling  steady peeling notes on notes, the game lets me toast, my wins with champers, clothe my babies and afford pampers, pressure? I stay fresher.

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