Got an AUDI A8 it can sing like Whitney, got a brick for sale you can do Britney, with the pack ten times do you get me?  Words like that in my ear when I step back, from the gleaming Audi with my twenty rock. Prostitutes and thieves the disaffected and the youth, and other fiends too, are my peer group, cant forget about the dealers, shout out to the dealers round here, there’s a few dealers round here, they do it for the glammer, and the street life, think that they are on telly, actin up for a dumb audience, they say friends, I say fair weather, whether times are good, after all we all want that in the hood. Not every dealer is a dumb fuck  spotty cunt, not every fiend  will rob your grandma, stop the witch hunt. Be real, from the crack of dawn all I want is more crack. Stick to the facts.  I love the words Scooby snacks, together, funny cos usually I a not really choosy, I choose loosely, thinking on the moment, fuck up often but I own it. What am I Mr Perfect, far from it, I know, grow off it, completely. Leave the haters to the hating, time is wasting, and of all I got time is the most precious, let me just wet this. Love the gentle rubber tap on the pads on my fingertips when I am writing, why sing? Write dance cook clean commit evil, at the end of the day we all people. We leaving this life when the brake lights light up red on you, saying this is what I do, and who I am, I was here and I care that some one else I am reaching out to gives a damn. Living on in the mind of others shows us we are meant to be brothers and not enemies. I believe that is the real thesis, and over the centuries, the new containment is closer to the mind of the youth, that even if you had proof of wrong doing mind suggestion, they would think you dumb its such a shame, respect my name on these streets I drive a fast car and drive round here and you see fire as I am blazin, the fattest zoot you ever seen, look at me, I get mine, I commit crime,

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