Control is a mother. The ramifications of the word rule the world. What else is it when the want of control, allows the deaths of all people all over the globe. 9/11, still many Americans do not understand the truth, afraid maybe to get to the roots. I don’t blame them really, because the truth is scary, its happening now, nobody can see it coming, imagine the whole world running?

If you are not aware of the fact that Jesus is not a pale face man, you don’t understand. Fema camps, look at Snowden, for telling the truth. Are we being duped or doped, or both cause so many know the truth yet make no move, affect the news in a positive truth. There is no excuse, spies are playing to get us confused, Boston, man in a gunfight, had no gun, LA, searching for for a black man, two girls get shot, he was surrounded, its not a plot when people are falling, innocent victims of secret calling, fooling, confusing, Starting war and. Using control as an addict daily does, then it becomes about the fix. We are all living in it.

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