“Ay, you all know me, you know how I get down, what” listen up people when I say no doubt. That means there is no doubt, it aint science, know what I mean, I am about. About, you askin’ seriously? I am bout it, bout it bout that life, Am about!  Straight up, and yes it costs me, I already lost me, well not now, enough you know, it cost me. Lost G?

Yo yo yo, you good bro?

Safe, safe, you good, yeah?

Yeah, ay oh yeah, did you hear bout that? That, thing,?

You mean? knowing look, Yes, blank look. I mean yo, what the fuck, know what I mean, bro?

I know, fucking hell, that’s what I mean though, know what I mean?

I know, you right there, bro, not on, definitely not on. Wrong.

Wrong, wrong, yes you right, wrong. Not on, wrong.

Must get along, oh, got a cig bro?

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