Eighty State of Mind

Michelle Pfeifer in “Scarface” Set a young mind ablaze, those were the days. Never knew the meaning of the word health, never used to look after your own self, those were the days. Take That were massive all across the globe, and Tears for Fears weren’t far wrong when they said every body wants to rule the world. The world was a word that I used to say a lot, now not. As much, as such, my world changed same as the years that time rearranged. Remember Debarge  or Five Star always on Top of the pops, I used to watch that  a lot, come to find out it was a den of iniquity, girls getting touched right in front of me on the TV.  Them BBC Radio 1 deejays are a disgrace, it was a symptom of the old ways. The programmes were designed to infiltrate an uneasy state of mind, humankind, sadly, do this, live this way, go to church on Sunday, happily, go along, slowly, madly the world changed. Fame, mixed in with negative messages, instant lucrative business. Internet hit list, twist this message, hit me with an algorithm, forget about prison. Can be out enjoying the sunshine, take aim online, I am a sitting duck, fucked, make you hate me, paint me. A danger to the world with my words and verbs and rhymes and militant thought waves running through my mind, look out humankind. Ten and a half stone on a good day, how do I say, same in metric, kilo, I don’t know. Drinking “Desperado” mind surrounded by fog looks like an atmosphere blanketing the globe, bright blue strobe, in a blues. Definitely not confused, if you could use, a plan going forward from here, and I am near, don’t mind sharing, I am a caring kind of person. Say a verse an disappear into the shadow, ask yourself, “did he just go”?

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