Hey, My legs will be in tune with my eye, I’ll be the sweetness in that piece of pie. Watch me get the crowd up, have them vibing with me, asking who’s that guy, soul of the party. Looking so fine I was down for my paper, watch me work see it in my makeup, straight up. Parties after lunch, fifteen minutes after I wake up, never had a need to cake up. Not today though, that was yesterday, yeah I played, jumped in willingly, initially, calculated, made a choice. Worked it till it worked me, not long, king of a street, one maybe three. I guess I am guilty for putting this shit on me, another statistic in this billion dollar industry. Used to have it all, haters on my case, they confirmed I was great it was great. Lucky if I could muster or mention anything worth it, right now this minute, drag you in it , with me, can you see where I am heading do you wanna play, don’t be frontin’ I was playing, it was all a game of tell and show, see it watch it go, got a little scary, out of my league, but before you know, lights out and away you go, choices you make leave you in situations like these. Say please can I leave, see you all tomorrow, I don’t think so, so if tomorrow you still have an urge to see listen to me make your choice carefully. You can really make that life and have that cheese, but please please think carefully, read stories like these. Had that cheese and status, but the resulting change of status is a price too great, but then its too late, life is so precious, I wish I never seen this shit. Fuck class A and those that think its great, we are in a state of emergency, friends and family, all colours all nations, we are all humans, up in here. Some people are getting paid for making us slaves, even dealers are the victims, locked up they carry on in prisons. Infrastructure to destroy people with drugs is in place, next comes fuck up half the human race, think I’m joking, how many of us still toking?

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