So little time, I have been thinking lately, I only wonder sometime whether I could have done better. Lately my mind ran to time and how we use time, its been on my mind. Mountaineering presents challenges that are not for every one, climbing requires creativity, as no two climbs are the same. The experience of children from choosing names, the way we use time, works for us all, big or small, time is for us all. How do you use yours? If a choice is yours to use, be thankful, to some its an abuse. Don’t be afraid to make a brave choice, your life is yours to waste, but understand what really takes place. You will only be known by your face, behind something gets replaced, you still have a vision of better days but never manage to keep it for more then a moment, truth you gave away time you no longer own it. Time. Time. Time Time Time. You could be anywhere in TIME.


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