Lust like this is wrong yet delicious, ache of love, flutter or verve, your last nerve, tempered, so delicious, results can lead to ultimate conflict that can be vicious. Yet the body would not let you miss this, thrill joy and laughter,  goes faster and faster. Like a fairground ride, adrenaline makes your knees go weak, yet inside you glide, on passionate air, high as fuck where the air up here is rare, and love and war aint fair. The want the need, thirst for greed, want more than a touch, need to release that seed. A smile that says so many words, an instinct, takes control as if cursed, a heart fit to burst. Control, once a master, now cant muster, an ounce of resistance, blown, a leaf in a gale. Every step gets closer, now that smooth skin on your shoulder, is under my lips, your breath pants into my ear, hot and knowing, anticipation rapidly growing, clothes off, two hearts glowing, fires that lit the fuse of existence, spreading flowing, sexually blowing the top off a volcano, the room is about to blow, here we go……………


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