You only good for one thing, yep,, just one thing, the rest, I bring.  To me all you represent is fake. You are a goddamn phoney, a no good joke, and don’t be thinking because I take a toke, that anything is different cos it aint. Still I smoke. Yeah, cant sleep at night, evil thoughts that I know aint right, am a get high. For the umpteenth time.  Unpredictable, jealous you want me for yourself, fake, all you do is take. That’s evil. My reason is feeble, I just want one more, say the same shit each time I score, been here before.  Well I want you out of my life now, I need you to get up and leave me alone. Out of my life, be gone, excessive seeing each other, is not on. Live and wake up, is my agenda. YOU aint coming I don’t wanna friend ya, and come September, you will be a memory


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