Staring freely, all who were near me, were vaporized, I just cried, and cried, yeah! Empty dark spaces, corners scare me, with a glazed expression, sweat glistens, tear me, apart, my lungs and heart, take it all, gladly, Sadly I have no desire for more, let me fall. Let me fall, call me after, plane of the ultimate chapter, each verse, rehearsed, gas dispersed. I see you looking, fearing for me, admittedly I left too soon, alone you moan for me, sadly, but know that finally we will stretch ahead of the stars, leave flesh see Mars up close, take your place beside our host, the truth of light, is now ours to toast. Saturn, setting suns, no more pain, useless guns, swirling fun, we can become, one and float, with ageless ghosts. The universe we know, to the stars not yet grown, knowledge unbound. Find your truth, own your flesh, know the best, series of serious teachings, to make your flesh an extension of your past and future present, present truth to yourself, and with no need of wealth, surpass yourself as you pass yourself, still growing, from an acorn to an oak.