Manchester, same old scene, Roxy, from way back, when I was a teen. When you could say, I was very green, cos I was, its what we all go through, before life gets you and swoops you up in a glass space ship, who can remember the very first trip? Then I was very green, still goes on today, matter of fact just watched the whole dynamic being played. When the elders stop off unexpectedly, and examine all the work, attentively, turn to you as a youth, and tell you that you got it all wrong, yes it can come across fucked up but truth be told little homie stay strong, time to drop a couple jewels on the up and coming, some take it like fun, n, then others listen, to every word, and attempts to over stand, green right now but turning to a man. Sounds like you even have a PLAN. And the beat goes on, she whispers, he whispers, on and on, cry peeling an onion. Steak, stake, large enough to break! Take that, some thing I will never do, be a fool, its un cool. What is there that consumes your consumerism? Hands open asking for destruction, steal from a brother, just to wear the latest fashion, fashion your mind to not want. A quest full of honour is worthy of your want, not a pair of jeans cuz, is that your buzz? Is that really you, look around bro, and be not fooled, played or fucked over, its a fuckin’ pullover, we used to wear them in school, grey, now you trying to tell me its cool. Spend a quid on your feet, for standing on the street, smoking bud, really cuz, show some love. Look out for your bruv, try to pull a brother up, or give him a firm push, in the right direction.

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