Wired for survival, wired to succeed, wired to fail, wired to achieve.  Which way do you go when the game is on fire and every thing is alight. Are you the one to take flight? Or are you the way that you stay and fight? Accept who you may be, apologise to none. The whole of your existence had already begun, before you were born, inside your mum. Your genes, your dna, your sex, growing and knitting together, your body comes next. Half of your whole is already decided, will you be brave, or faint hearted?

The choice may not be yours to will, without the tools, without the skill, without the ability to understand and learn, without the will to build and earn, what to do? After all we are the product of two. Circumstance, can be a rule, parents, can act the fool, humans are nasty and cruel. Selfish at heart, they can hinder your start, through no fault of your own, only if you find yourself crying, alone, and wonder why you cant just be normal. The genes of your parent can make up your personality traits, and as you grow things about you, you hate,  alas, it is your fate. To be happy, with your lot, have it all but cannot. Find the happy place you see others connect with, something is wrong in your makeup and you know you can feel, each time your eyes open and wake up. Times there is not much you can do, you are what they made you, they are to blame, but why waste time, it makes you the same. The same as them, that is not the turning for you, change is required for the real you to shine through, as hard as it seems, it has to be done, rewrite your story and start on page one.

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