Result Friday afternoon, date of the sixteenth, June, ba bam boom! Could not have come too soon. Pockets full of coloured paper bills, evening full of thrills, to look forward to. As it is also the boys birthday and he has a couple peeps coming through, think I will also buy a couple brews. Some strange reason I get gin and tonic, and I am drinking it, smooth. Plus I make an olive tube, for the crack that’s coming soon, still acting the fucking fool. Then I order a ten bag of bud, with a name like “star dog” I am hoping that it is good.

In the privacy of my own room I count up all the paper, separate a couple bills ready to hand out later, when the universe is blessing me with gifts, sharing it with friends gives me a real lift. Happiness is best shared, show others that they are cared, for, what is more, important? Although the scene I prepared may sound kind of wild and exciting, the opposite is true, we sat down smoking and talking, till early Saturday morning.  I began to feel sleepy at nearly six am, but before I fell into dream world I heard the front door slam. Sitting up and listening I heard footsteps running up the stairs toward me, bathroom door banged open gave me a giggle for my story, nineteen year old boy, size of a man, on his hands and knees, face leaning in the pan, one heave two heave, let it all out lad, must have heard me laugh,  cos I heard him groan, “leave me alone, dad”

Saturday night nearly when I rose from my bed, remembered got a big fight ahead. Andre Ward from Compton, fights Kovalov, the Russian, light heavy title fight, coming from Las Vegas, the capital of boxing, starts about 3.a.m know that i’ll be watching.

Sunday is fathers day, I have no plans as such, got a couple cards, that may not sound like much, but it is all I need from my two, between ourselves the love comes through. Three pm Sunday on my own watching telly, sleep still lodged in the corner of my eyes. Knock on the door, imagine my surprise, its my brother, not seen him for time.  February as it happens, about to get wed, sometimes I wonder what goes through his head.  Big cheesy grin on his boat, four cans of “red stripe” in his hands, that takes care of any plans. He sets fire to the head of a fat spliff  that he had, I begin to feel quite glad, to see my bro, have a drink and a smoke, play some music, tell a few jokes, have a laugh.  Now before I go further I am going to try and put context, into the scene that came next. Brothers have a special bond especially the way we grew, we would understand each other where others would not have a clue.

The past years between us has been weird to say the least, I pick my conversations just to save the peace, I dumb down, play the clown, speak and listen to his chat, give him pats on the back. No big deal for me, I do it kind of easily, some say I am argumentative, while he is very sensitive. I have time on my hands I heard of the fluoride deception, and I deemed to mention, only to be alarmed by the force of the friction. I never get how he fights with all his might to defend that of  which he has no knowledge, I try to show him something new, but he managed to let me know clearly, he has no time for my theory. Cool I guess, be a sheep and sleep away your days, but then you go too far and pick out some of my ways. The fuse was lit, I threw a verbal hit, and then I threw another, then I took it personal, aimed right for my brother, at his weakest spot, he was not, slow to give it back. We both went on  attack, in the past words like these would cause a major sever, this time we done it better. As soon as it stopped we made up, had a hug, and went in the garden for an hour or two. I needed to vent, he did too, but surprise surprise we both have grew. Life is too short to fall out for any length of time, words are words we spoke and we were fine, are fine. Had a great time, time you have to get stuff off your chest. The weekend past, birthday, fathers day, is one that is meant to last.


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