Relation, relate, family, debate, hostile and friendly, if I broke who would mend me? Help me, put the stone in place, help me heal the human race, let me, touch your face. Honour bound, screaming sounds, play directly, into my brain, slowly watch the blood drain. Pale and thin, prisoners skin, freedom, time to begin. This time though respect the sin. Mother, fault, triangular font, seeping religion, water system, call it wisdom. Marseille to Brisbane, London to Lisbon, Europe Asia, United states, happens wherever evil waits, bright sunshine, clear blue skies, lashing rain, untold lies. Never knowing truth from falsehood, disguise turns bad to good, innocent eyes, watch unknowing. Curled up lip, smile of death is showing, neon lights send roads glowing, green and red, purple orange. Past is dead, forgive the living, the fountain that keeps on giving.  Shifting shape amongst shifting shadow, pain takes your brain, from  knife gun or arrow. Absorb engulf, switching focus, till nothing is left, plague of locust, now I broke this, now I know this, wish me well, help me focus.


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