Each and every day presents challenge, part of being human, we manage. Times we live, lives entwined, net capability, poker, big blind. Era of tears, if I have to define, sometime that’s the problem, where comes the line? Must we put a label on the face of the earth, does it belong to who came first? Then there is the case of the rightful truth, what can academia say, what form of excuse? A generation or two now deeply confused, and even today the youth are still abused, in every way, at every turn, pick up a book try and learn. Professors and historians have hidden the truth of the world from the good folk that live in it. Astonished and so so angry when I began to realise the lies, I was taught at school, all we are, guinea pigs, to the few that rule. The deeper question, what is true?  How much that I know do I not know? How far back should I go?  To the garden of eden.  Behind the tree drinking tea with the serpent, asking politely, what Adam and Eve meant. Social engineering I have heard it is named, Gods and devils playing their games. Mere mortals on earth, confused, abused, lied to from birth, our worth. Miserable wretches, we ask to eat and be heard, and so we enter the gate, for we are herd.  To have the life of a bird, when there used to be trees to nest, glide on updrafts, enjoy many laughs. Moved along through to the next gate, part of the herd, numbly participate, gently step, no fight, non left, no strength left to resist, dumbed down, I guess, fluoride, the state so kind, my nanny, making plans for the many, protect our teeth from future cavities, my thanks. Then to my disgust, I find, fluoride is not for us. Instead it is used to keep us all dumbed down to gentle, no fire to spark that mental, who has the power? Where do I fit, what am I fit for? So on to the next door, or gate, entrance or exit, we all fit. I am in it, as are you. To do to do, every day a challenge, what to do.


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