A pine cone, a mobile phone, nature manufacture, pineal gland source of rapture. The false truth, misled youth, so confused, lies so great, time to activate, your pineal gland. No matter which land, your feet stand, all are able, put down the childhood fables. Instead look out for books that remain hidden, but impart wisdom, when found and studied, share the truth with your beloved, your friends, and enemies, need to know. Help them understand while you grow, and begin the path to milk and honey, on my journey I came across a bumble bee, who gently buzzed to me, although you may think I have no purpose I know your kind think me worthless, but you and I share this air, and really should cement our alliance cause together we bring balance, to this earth, that we share, so plead with your kind to care. When you hear the violence used to brutally slay tree and forest, it is imperative the next generations know this, our eco system is so entwined, that if by chance humankind, forget or know yet let, the destruction continue. It spells the end for me and you. Share knowledge that is maniacally hidden, under this evil system, free the mind from mental binds, together we can change these times, smash these crimes, show them for what they are, together near and far we will heal population, stop the war on the climate, spread knowledge and in time that, which is hidden and good, and should, belong to humans not just a few, I believe that you, and you and I may find, the innermost beauty in the center of the mind, use the pineal gland, light the path, forage new planes, homage to bairns, the youth of the world, can turn s round as humankind. Share the truth of that you find, I think we act if not blind, now is the time.