Senses, I never really give a thought to them, just know I got ’em, right? I can see clearly, Johhny Nash, love that track. Feel me, just a sayin, but why do I have to remind you, feel me, put your arms around me, get it now, why so slow, are we all dumbed down?  Just asking, for some odd reason I question more, like I never did before. Too much time on my hands, but I got no blood on my hands. Senses can get confused, listen, hear the rhythm, the stream trickling, feet under the water, glistening, where the sun hits the surface in the right place, birds join in tweeting at the top of their glands, water gently ripples warmly over your feet, senses alert and together feel complete, each complimenting the other, clever, really. The grass could do with rain, and a cut, feel it swishing on your calves, even sometime up to your butt. Laughing in the sunshine, beside the stream, summer day time, time to play time. If you don’t mind, not to spoil the fun, but does anybody know where our senses have gone. Or why we don’t use them anymore, I simply don’t get it. Every thing ahead of me is green, and I love it, sun on my face and my stomach, loving life and my place in it, what is the meaning of a gimic?  Guess what we are all in it, and it is why we forgot about our senses, a gimic.

Listen to the fire crackling and the water winding, gently, finding the path, close your eyes listen to your heart beating, an owl fleeting, flute finding rhythm, so far away from the so called system, listen, listen, can you hear the drum gently beating in the distance? Pleasant, leaves in their trees, green and vibrant, while housing, cute little thing and scary little things, using our senses we can bring anything. Let yourself be taken away by the stream, lapping softly at your sides,  is this the beginning of a dream? Senses so in tuned now, I could easily be floating, not joking, watch me smoking, when I pass you by. The sun is out so I will help your pretty eyes, when I come by I’ll stay low in the sky.  Love your senses, and don’t forget to use them often, it is a useful system, for dealing with the system, listen, I just want you to listen…………………….

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