Trauma, a word most of us understand in one way or another,  go through it becomes another, totally personal situation, being real it will definitely break some. Now comes the difference between us, how some fight through, others will succumb. I guess how we grow makes us what we become, from the time we are born to the time we can run. On our own we discover the truth and drop all the labels we were given as youths. A man stands alone during his allotted time of breath, that is how it is on Earth, we take our first breath at birth, After our last we return to earth.  Precious our time on this planet, time got to decide what to do with it, try not to waste it.  Some may find it easy, some be lazy, whatever I encounter nothing will ever faze me. Seen so much drama since I was a baby. My God saved me.

Dealt with so much in one life I deserve a medal, mainly due to my survival. The truth is I have been on the ragged edge a number of times, faced my worst demons for my crimes. Now I find myself facing a life defining situation imminently.  The kind that will make me or break me, and for an idea of the outcome check the history, and you can send a kiss for me, I lose my train of thought and go wistfully,..

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