Don’t Have To Like You

Bonds get in the way of my reality, you join the hunt asking seriously, about my sanity. Do I not give you good reason to swallow the same old shit, living in this society makes you do it. My love is such that I give you the ammunition to let your conscience allow it. The same way I show you I don’t give a shit. I don’t belong in your world. Truth? This is it. What is it that makes me want your pain, I get through on it, sick sense of humour, but who says I even have to like you? Now my acts earn reviews in suburbia, where every body agrees and acts the same I kid you not, that kind of happiness belongs inn a plot. Hard work I aint about to touch, and when you find that you had enuff, like me, you will be, what I call free, fuck em all. I don’t care what you say on any day, Who knew you would had an urge to destroy me, not enuff to for me to fall, like a blanket every inch of destruction covered. Shame I know you so well, know you better than you know yourself. Had to adapt and manage every interaction when the urge was to let loose with the truth, my love for you, look at us two fools.

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