Compare analyse sink low, no surprise. It could be better could be worse, once you know, you hit yourself with the curse. Chicken or the egg, tell me which came first. Best thing you can do  after that is show and improve. Try to be the best you can be in any profession that you choose, so there wont be no excuses, that’s not a saying that’s a rule  That’s right, whatever you do make sure you do it well, and to the best of your abilities, then when you hear those little bitches that make themselves one of your enemies, inside of yourself you hold your head up high and laugh when you pass, all that b/s all fully gassed, five not hit, breathe out epitomise bliss, that is not to be mistaken for jollies and laughter. Never has that stuff been what I was after, It stems from the core, chi, we all have it, not all use it, spread that signal outwards touching every cell available, mind hears what the core is asking for and a meeting occurs tween the two, basically a question or two, and in a split second you know. What, do you know?

You know your mind is calm, from worry and stress , same time as that, your brain tells you that you are blessed, and you aint complaining.  There was a time when I thought I would drown, emotion like I was brand new, would be weighing me down, shoulders hunched over, colours covered up I wore my chin on my chest, eyes red and worried, and blurried,  and bloodshot. All for nothing, at times I completely lost the plot. Now I have to say its a different time I sit here in the middle of the night and I feel that even though, and I know, that I am not in my prime, I am at my best I have  ever been  in my mind. That’s so big, its the centre of the universe. Move it use your mind, spread love, feel fine, never a fool, never blind, In fact I use my third eye, anyway, no drama, do you know,  how slow you go when you lose  the drama   so make it  Johnny Depp.  “Blow”


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