“I had a good time in the casino, cos I did my own thing” she said loudly. She had a voice that was naturally loud, and continued, “he only bought me one drink and then I was on my own, I won seventy quid on the fruit machines” she was excited, I listened as she relayed her night to me. “He started when we got in the taxi, cos I had a disagreement with the driver”                                                                                                                                                       “Fuck the driver” I interjected. “Exactly” she agreed. “Started calling me a tramp, and nobody would want me, I was a disgrace”                                                                                                       “Plenty of guys would want you” I jumped in, “I had heels on but when my heels start, I brought a pair of socks in my bag and put them on at the roulette table” I laughed at the picture, “i was having a chat at the roulette with a couple, and he called me stupid, nobody wears socks, he said, but i told him that enough guys would love to drag them socks off me”                                                                                                                            “Damn, right” i said readily, “you are too good for him” i added. “When we got home he asked me to lie in bed with him but i told him, no chance, so he locked me in but as soon as he went in the bedroom i jumped out the kitchen window and went to my mums, that’s me being wise, innit?” she asked.  “It sure is, kid, it makes a nice change” i meant it. “Not gonna let him dominate me no more and just to get him back, i am going to sleep with his best friend, he has got a Lexus, he is fit as well”  i could not help but laugh, “you are crazy girl” She left soon after but then knocked back on and gave me some tobacco and a bit of weed. I had shared with her recently so i guess that was payback. I appreciated it cos i had nothing. That’s when i think that i was right to share, cos it comes back when you need it, lesson to all greedy people


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