We have to have, need to get, must have that, you can bet. Why the need? the greed.  Want, you believe the urgency, are you just out from nursery? Far from, long gone. The secrets you don’t know, your mind is not your own, infiltrated examinated delaminated. Finally contaminated, unaware, totally unfair, so much chaos, while unaware.  Before your eyes opened completely, bundled up all neatly, beautifully sleeping blissfully till feeding, the war to own your mind was raging, behind large oak doors, secret meetings, secret greetings, evil minded human beings, planned the takeover with military precision. They need your mind in their prison, they have to have total control, you are a miniature part of their final vision, yet still important in the grand scheme, when they suggest, you cant help but listen. The shape and size of our wondrous planet, has enough for all creatures on it, so how can half the population cry and die from mass starvation? While the other half ignore the genocide of nations? We all know what we are doing daily, innocence belongs to babies. We can see the dead and dying, we all know children are crying, if you say you don’t I know you are lying. Are humans programmed to help one another, are we concerned for our brother? I can tell you, yes, this is not a test.

How can we ignore so easily? Eat our food so peacefully, while others die so evilly. Got to get that new I phone, need a big tv for my home, have to give that girl my bone. How did we become so uncaring forgetting the natural high from sharing? Well it started many moons ago, when those that love you did not know, that to sit you down in front of the telly, would be the start of your gradual brainwash until finally, you were transformed to act like all that join their team, selfish uncaring and really mean.


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