Accidentally the TV landed on a programme showing the hardship that having no job and living on benefits creates. I am watching three different families surviving on benefits and I am seriously wondering if there is a true reflection of the majority of people on benefits here and I can guess there is not, I am stunned. This is fucking disaster Britain, one couple have a large number of kids, one boy sits a foot away from the tv screen and plays x box for hours at a time. The parents, I have to stop. This country is my home and I am proud I am British, not for the bad stuff, but for the good, but some one please stop the madness. Seven kids and not worked for twenty years, moaning now, this woman says she cant work. She does nothing, the boyfriend of another slobs on fizzy drinks. This programme is stunning, she is shopping for clothes at home the electric goes, he stumbles to the shop for electric, so the boys can play x box, he has a new car from benefits, overweight. This is enough to make a person sick. One girl decides to show herself buying a tattoo on benefits, one girl with four kids has a few tats, her kids stare at a tv. Where do these people come from? This amounts to child cruelty. There are all these kids that get no supervision, he lies around like an extra kid.

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