America locks up more of its citizens than China Russia and Cuba, nearly two million people are in jail. When Nixon was president the number was two hundred thousand and he was the first to try and deal with the drug situation spreading through the country. The heroin had taken a hold since the Vietnam war and it was getting worse. The war on drugs began and the numbers of arrests involving drugs began to skyrocket. Young black and Latino men found themselves with long sentences for minor crimes like possession as the police ran a campaign of swooping on them and basically rounding them up. Ten years for simple possession meant that the jails were constantly full. The so called war on drugs by the government seemed to be aimed at mainly black communities and still goes on today. Young men decided that they were not going to get caught and maybe end up with numbers that would take their young life away so began to arm themselves against being arrested. What did they have to lose? Ten years or more is like the end of your life when you are young so the consequence of the war on drugs was failing drastically. The targeting the police use was disproportionate when college kids on campus were left alone but teens in the ghetto were not left alone. There are so many jails that private companies have begun investing in them after being reassured by the govt that long sentences will be handed out helping to keep the jails full. Inside the felons are made to work for two dollars a day making equipment used by the police and armed forces. The investors in the jails get contracts from these companies to supply certain items and the cons do the work for next to nothing. It is modern day slavery all wrapped up in a bow. Arranged and organised from the top to the bottom by govt and big business so there is no way to escape this ordeal if you live in certain areas in America and your skin is not white. Total federal and state prisoners convicted of marijuana offences in 2004 was 44,816 this does not include 700,000+  who may be in local jails. Forty four thousand locked up for weed is a massive injustice when in some states the weed is legal. The weed is one of the fastest growing industries in the states and big business is getting involved. The govt has decreed that any one with a charge can not set up shop. Since the war on drugs began 44 MILLION PEOPLE have been arrested on drugs charges which has cost in dollars and lives. It has been shown that kids growing up with no father do not possess the skills to get through school so begin the journey from school to prison. The eighties saw crack enter the drug arena and the govt set mandatory sentencing for anyone found with crack. The police were targeting users over dealers while the same drug namely cocaine did not have the same sentencing guidelines. Every one does drugs but only minorities are punished for it. The sentence for a first time offence for possession of crack was a five year mandatory minimum prison term. Five years for possession of crack even for a first time offender is an absolute disgrace. Yet until 2010 when the Fair sentencing Act was passed that was the situation.

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