Two Hands Needed

Need two hands when removing a kilo bag of sugar from the cupboard to the side underneath, basically. That is not normal. It is now. Always had a hatred down,  inside for any figure of authority. Most of my life upto now has been factored around the way i get down, when it comes to having to deal with this type of clown. Always trying to tell you, but no ears so whatever you say they are not trying to hear you. My gp, i come to understand, put me in a group, i was not aware i was in this group. I am now. Dont ask how? Or when, we all became cattle, in a system, not good for anyone? It is like a giant prison, shaking my fist i cry “will anybody listen?”  i used to be an addiict, i used to be a baby, play, me? My gp was not trying to hear me. He was guessing, i was guessing, he knew what he was doing. I didnt have a clue and..

I was denied a duty of care, because he did not care, how many more, are living through this, staying silent? accepting he knows what he is doing, its screwed. He believed when i asked him what to do about my neck, that i was not looking for the truth, he thought i want or need an excuse. Never asking never once rising, to even take a look at my neck, so what did he expect, when i was found to not be lying, i reckon i am lucky to not be dying.

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