Were you thinking? I was not thinking, i was not thinking, but now, now, i am thinking. Day by day i wonder why my shorty had to die, she was my ghetto princess, every day i give it up for my shorty. Tune out now,  cos everybody, i am not gonna be the one that, does not put her in every line. But different, look at the system, look at the victim, everybody quick to put the fist in, badges for the buttonhole. Tried to tell the youth and they wont be told, they say i am old, and i say i am old, they never understand, i could of give them gold. Like the jewels that got dropped on me, thats why you looking at one of my stories, i am old. All i tried to do was give them skillz, young and up and coming on the same streets you already done roamed, if you try and teach they dont want to take that gold, they got that steel, waistband, ready to put it in your hand so you can “cop a feel” This is it, this is ill! Where real life starts and the tv stops, i get a chill, i hope you can feel, me, chaos all around me, everyone want a be me. Yo it aint easy, just the fact that you can still see me, testament to status, but who is the greatest? I seen the best, i mean the fuckin’ best, and yes, you ballers know what time it is. look up to your elders, shut your mouth and use your ears, and keep doing this till for a couple of years, and even then, dont pretend that you really know shit, cos if u aint really got your heart in it.



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