Right now, police and thieves, is playing on the radio, when the bass drops and its just like, shut up and feel that vibe right through your body, oh yeah, my kids are good right now, son still kicking them books at uni. Our relationship, although bonded from birth, is shaky at the moment. He is good so that’s that, my girl at a local college is upstairs after just trying to get to her mum to answer the phone. After two attempts, she put the phone down near me and when I obviously, told her to replace it on its cradle, she ran back upstairs ignoring me completely. It was less than an hour or two ago I was her rock, now we are back to normal, know how much she can get away with and then push the boundaries a bit. Her manner is impeccable, she has to cope with a family trait, shyness, I was, am, and I saw it in my dad. My way of coping growing up was to act tough, I was basically an actor for thirty years. She is coping but does not seem to have one friend she could trust, she is too nice. She is tough though, I get told every little thing that is going on with her, and more importantly, I remember, so I truly advise when needed. It is good that she trusts me, I know, but some things that I am obviously hoping she finds that friend. I am warm, got a bottle of “purdeys” on the table. Right now, I am good. Peace.


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