I have been watching a more than unusual amount of wildlife recently, on internet. That relates to my decision to stop watching television. Too many questions go into watching programmes on the box. Just one, when we, you, watch the x factor each year, do you laugh along at the so called failures, that will embarras themself for attention? Then it becomes normal and society slowly follows on it that direction until you are watching …….

So i chose to watch a lot of wilsdlife mainly focusing on Lions and Hyenas, and i learned so much, but i enjoyed the simple cycle of nature or “life” as we call it. Documentaries that would follow the life of an particular cub, and we watch them grow to maturity. There is not much more they do than sleep and play and learn and grow till they leave home and do it for themselves. Family cycles on the great plains of Africa. Basically the same for every species, except we want everything to our advantage regardless of what history will say about us, because this is an us problem, if you reading this it is your problem, the earth is ours. I was at home as usual, it was late. Late, like 4am, you know, 3.48am to be precise. First i heard the door hanle as if someone attemted to walk in, it was locked, i went to answer the little taps, i was awake. After the bs, i am sat opposite a guy i know, but only in a business capacity, and he is upset. Leaving out any detail, the conversation became, me reassuring, listening, kind of been there, done that, respond with wisdom, i earned it right? I am 52 he is 32, i show him, men feel like they are giving up too much, to stay in with kids and let his girl go out, happy to do it, want to do it, but can or cant handle the negative feeling that come with being fed bs on tv all day. I said what he was doing is a “man move” and to understand that he can deal with trying to control his thoughts, while cutting out a certain steroid that i knew he had recently started using to go gym. That shit will make you lose your temper quick, and you know that, i told him. Point being that, how did he know he could talk that way to me? My mate D, was saying some stuff about being a good guy, but seriously.About an hour or two ago, i went for a walk with my daughter. I was on a mission. To cut out the beginning, i had to pay back twenty pounds to a person. I should have repaid it weeks ago, but it is a bit far to hers when you are going to just drop money at, so it had been a while. My girl, walks in and asks me to go shop with her, it was 8.39pm, shuts at ten, i agreed because although she came home from town with the trainers she went to get, she was really upset because of something happening between her and the girl she went to town with, i could tell. When she asked me to go shop i wanted to say no, but after seeing her face when she came in, i was never going to say no, was i? Anyway i wanted to pay back this twety so i asked if she will walk with me while i pay back this money, and thats how we are going for a walk.

There are days, actually most days, my daughter can find so many things to talk about, but today her soul was reaching out, and i walked with her, listened, agreed with, reassured, laughed, and we walk fast so it was alittle bit of fresh air, cold Manchester, winter weather, the breeze was “brisk”, but a beautiful moment, still. On the way i rang the bell, i gave my name on the intercom, it took half a second, for her to realise, quick, on it, when she pressed the entry, “i was giving you till twelve” she shouted down to me as i made my way upstairs. She was happy, grinning, she gave me the twenty about three weeks ago, never bothered me never heard my name cursed. I said,, nobody can call your name in my presence, sorry its late. Do you know what its like when after waiting ages for a taxi, everything is forgiven, when you are sat nice and warm and on your way home, you know? She was buzzing and i was buzzing even more cause i know that has made her night, bruv, trust me. It is a nice feeling when you pay somebody back, you get a double kick. So i connected with a lot of soul this week and i wonder if they seek each other? Peace 2 u all,

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