I lived a life cloaked in crime, my motto, what’s yours is mine. Had no thought of love carried not a jot of empathy, to survive on street, needed to horde negative energy. Funny how that works right, like a jungle we are raised to fight, each other, even a brother. Like little packs of hyena, kill or be killed, like gladiators in a Roman arena. Each of us looking to show we are meaner, pushing to the top of the pile to be a leader, instead of a feeder. I remember, I was a youngster, when the Moss was about sticking together, like the states and the black panthers, neighbourhood protectors teachers and leaders.  Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, heroes that commanded our respect. Sending out positive vibes that blacks can achieve worldwide. Letting us see hope dreams and forward schemes. What happened to all that to where we now look forward to getting our first gat? Our heroes are now putting us on course to destroy each other with no remorse, no thoughts, to the damage to the community, to the loss of family, this shit grieves me. Hurts like mad, makes my soul feel bad, to think of what we had, to where we are now, how, did it change so dramatically? I mean I know we constantly evolve but here we are talking a full 360. It had to be planned, it is the only way to understand, then and now, that’s a fact, and so is crack. The power to bring down black, and I know we are under attack. We are doing the job for those that wish to keep power to themselves, jealously guarding the wealth they stole while the world was still growing. Greedy for power wanting to keep everybody low and not caring or feeling the  rest of humanity, at ease with world poverty.

The rappers that follow NWA, cant say they  did not hear “Fuck the Police” it was a call for some unfair unruly stuff to cease, all the false arrests and the night time beats. It was a way to bring attention to inner city plights with a hope to get some rights for brothers on the streets. The energy and the anger released in their records seemed to be what every body needed. Voices crying out from the wilderness, namely Compton, it was on “son”.  Straight away came the opposition, freedom of speech, became the issue facing the nation. Some people tried their best to stop hip hop at birth, but whats worse? Taking away the right of free speech while the kkk are still allowed to preach, saying hip hop creates anger and disrespects women, I swear those folk are illin. Rap talked about stuff that is happening, something like a social commentary, but spreading truth internationally. It felt like we was all one big family, we all had the same problem in our community. Being held back by the system we were in, on top of that we were under attack. By the police that were supposed to protect us, same shit from England to Texas.  Instead of the start of progressive protest about what is happening to us, shit got sent off course. Next gen rap began to swerve community issues, instead acting as if they have to prove, that they have got a little wealth, asking us to look at there latest house, or car. Till it all went way too far, off base. Now we do the work of devils, spreading evils, and bragging how many brothers they took down, man we some clowns.

Where are the voices showing us the best choices? to progress in the right way, its not all about what you get paid. Its about having pride in your own self, helping each other to achieve continual wealth to help raise a nation from the dirt. Not about chasing skirt, its about respecting the mothers of our children, so they don’t grow to be the latest victim. Still enslaved by the corrupt system, we have to stick together using the wisdom, that our former leaders tried to feed us, before they were silenced by the cheaters, on high. Remember when we cried, for the kings that died, Malcolm Martin and Mandela. We have to remember the truth they were teaching, only then can we start healing.


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  1. It’s sad how American culture has changed from having true values to be all about “getting rich”.

    Of course, this is because we’ve been shown how the few rich rule over all the rest of us, so folks are acting out the saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

    To me, it seems like a race to the bottom of human value, when things are worth far more than people because all people care about are things.

    Let’s just hope that situations have finally gotten bad enough that more people will start trying to fix our broken societies before we revert back to our most primitive and violent survival modes.

    1. I truly believe society is ready for change but it may take a while to untangle the chaos, programs like xfactor that aim to corrupt and belittle humans are a case in point, its like to be nasty is the norm but it should change gradually, lets hope so anyway, chins up,

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