Fairly Human, Humanity

Sometimes I find it hard to stay happy inside, I am no innocent, I have my share of crime. When trapped I ask for mercy, from the judge about to serve me. Then I accept the judgement for my crime. Seems like a fair old system, made by men of wisdom. So how come it is not the same for us all? Are we not one who turn up when we are called, humans. No one better than another, father mother lover brother, daughters and children, all I see is human. Many colours, many shapes many sizes, we have a million different guises. Yet I have to stall at this moment, I have an itch I need to scratch, a silent torment. Fair is as fair as fair is, but fair is not when fair does not cloak us all with the same cloth. When my age was only four years and a few months, still a little whipper snapper fully dependent on my mum, a man of some esteem was gunned down in a far off town. Yet his deeds as I grew older became known to me because he was fighting for people like me to be free. Free to live equally, without frequently, being beaten strung up, gleefully, he was shot down for his protest. I can only guess, there were voices secretly, not about to easily, allow me to live equally.  I am talking of the murder of Martin Luther King, in April 1968, which in one more year will have happened fifty years ago. Fifty years ago. Fifty years to go. August 2016, Ferguson, USA, an 18 year old name of Michael Brown, shot by police, taken away, from his family. The investigation declared the officer that killed him acted fairly. There were a lot of folk that disagreed. Is anybody being deceived? Well we could look at the case of another black man shot and killed by the law, hoping it may open the door, for a little understanding. South Carolina, officer Michael Thomas Slager, reported shooting dead a black man, for trying to take his gun, and then for trying to run. His report was made and his bosses backed him up for killing Walter Scott. Slager put in his report and his staus as a cop meant he had credit to be believed, but he had much to deceive. The truth unknown to him had been revealed by a passer by who had filmed the entire incident. The truth of the matter was the cop committed cold blooded murder, and then tried to stage a scene. Aided by most of his team. If not for the passerby his family would have been left to cry, but how many more shootings by the cops go unnoticed? When will we outgrow this imbalance of the humans? Fifty years ago MLK was asking the same thing, that I am asking today, will anything ever change? Our lives are rearranged, unfairly, clearly, can anybody hear me? A little voice in a desert full of snakes.


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